Match statistics

1 Shots on target 4
2 Shots off target 6
4 Corner kicks 4
3 Yellowcards 3
5 Offsides 1
13 Free kicks 17
15 Goal attempts 7
1 - 1

Results Youth League FK Tambov Youth - CSKA Youth - 14/09/19 ⋆ Football live scores ᐉ League results

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So, This is half time! The score is 1:0. It has been really great first period of this football match between two teams: FK Tambov Youth and CSKA Youth. How do you feel, football fans? What was your favorite moment of the first half and what are your expectations for the second half of this match? Right now is the minute and we have the next statistics to this minute: total amount of freekicks - 5, total amount of target shots - 0, total amount of target misses - 0, total amount of offsides - 0. Astonished goal by K.Salakhetdinov! 1:0 now! K.Salakhetdinov and the whole his team demonstrates really hot performance in this match.

One more target miss by (CSKA Youth) at 15 minute. The statistics to the minute are: total amount of freekicks - 8, total amount of target shots - 1, total amount of target misses - 1, total amount of offsides - 2. At 41 minute, noname (CSKA Youth) has fouled and got the yellow card. During the first time the players showed the next statistics: total amount of freekicks - 15, total amount of target shots - 2, total amount of target misses - 4, total amount of offsides - 3.