Match statistics

2 Shots on target 2
2 Shots off target 5
2 Corner kicks 6
3 Yellowcards 3
0 Offsides 5
14 Free kicks 16
7 Goal attempts 4
0 - 2

Results Premier League SC Dnipro-1 - FC Shakhtar Donetsk - 06/10/19 ⋆ Football live scores ᐉ League results

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It was amazing 1st part of this football battle between SC Dnipro-1 and FC Shakhtar Donetsk. The score is 0:2 for now. What expectations do you have for 2nd period?

Wonderful goal by Moraes, Junior! 0:1 now! Moraes, Junior and the whole his squad demonstrates really hot performance in this match.

Right now is the minute and we have the next statistics to this minute: total amount of freekicks - 0, total amount of target shots - 0, total amount of target misses - 0, total amount of offsides - 1. (SC Dnipro-1) fecit the debut target miss at 18 minute.

The statistics to the minute are: total amount of freekicks - 3, total amount of target shots - 2, total amount of target misses - 1, total amount of offsides - 2. The referee demonstrates the yellow to Vakulko, Yurii(SC Dnipro-1) for his dangerous action at 26 minute..

The ref displays the yellow to Stepanenko, Taras. The player has done rude action.

During the 1-st half the players showed the next statistics: total amount of freekicks - 12, total amount of target shots - 4, total amount of target misses - 4, total amount of offsides - 3.