Coming season “Supercup” is the event in what are taking place these football teams: Palestino, Universidad Catolica

The event “Supercup” is the event in what are taking place beautiful football teams, such as: Palestino, Universidad Catolica

The date of the beginning of the football scramble is 9 February. It will go on to 25 March. The end this season will be accompanied by the last standoff in S 2019.

In S 2019 9 February is the date of the beginning of the football scramble. And 25 March is the date of the end|end of the season|end of this action|end this season|finish of the season|finish of this tournament}.

The football standoffs of S 2019 are gonna be showed on at such stadiums: Sausalito.

Sausalito are the stadiums, where are gonna be showed the football standoffs of S 2019.

Who will be the most lucky crew in present season of Supercup? Who will be named the best player in present season? These and more things our site is gonna say in details, so all what you need you are able find here. But for now we and you, football fans can only think about the results.

Supercup Table

  • Pos Team MP W D L F A +/- P

League rounds

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